The mission of Essential CME Inc.

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Our mission is to focus on delivering  practical medical educational activities built on evidence based medicine that is designed to change the competence of our learners.

Education activities include specialty and subspecialty topics chosen through continuing needs assessment processes. The assessment will identify areas of need in physician knowledge or performance defined as differences between current practices vs. best practices.

Essential CME Inc. provides continuing education to physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and allied health professionals from the United States and all other countries worldwide. Continuing medical education content is chosen for its relevance to the target audience’s potential scope of professional activities.

Essential CME Inc. will offer live courses held locally in the United States and live courses held internationally, where we can encourage mutual cooperation and friendship between multi- national physicians outside the United States. We will also joint provide with eligible organizations when appropriate.

Success will be measured when our audience demonstrates or acknowledges increased competence and changes of methods for the purpose of enhanced patient care. These changes will be assessed by monitored lectures, critiques, and overall future attendance.